Taking Action When Your Brand Becomes a Vehicle for Disinformation

Remember when disinformation and misinformation only happened to politicians? Today, we see brands get their messages co-opted and their platforms hijacked by online power groups seeking to push their agendas and grow their influence.

What can brands do to protect their relationships with consumers, and prevent damage to their reputation?

Download the Handbook

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Download the handbook to learn:
  • How can disinformation impact your brand? From having your brand hijacked, to loss of consumer trust, and impact on your revenue and value.
  • How your brand plan for and fight disinformation. From early detection to analyzing the trajectory of a narrative and its potential impact on your brand and customers.
  • Examples of brands dealing with disinformation, and the why, who, and how false information spread. HINT: it's factions.

If you understand how ideas originate and take hold, you understand the groups and motivations behind those ideas.

Yonder leverages the AI of human psychology and network behaviors to detect online communities who organically come together around things they love or hate. These communities (we call them factions) are the force behind trends and news headlines. Through our network, image, and language analysis, brands can harness the potential of online influence.