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Yonder adds cultural context to the Internet.

No matter how strictly you monitor mentions of your brand online, it can be challenging to know anything beyond what is trending and when.

Yonder helps you understand what is real or fake, who is driving the narrative, what motivates them, and the potential risk to your reputation so that you can take confident action to protect your brand and grow your business.

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Every day you're injecting your brand stories into the world through various online channels. These narratives are vulnerable purely by existing on the web, and it's tough to anticipate what audiences will react negatively to and what they will praise.  

The tools that many communications and marketing teams are using today, help you to know what is trending when it's trending. These metrics force you to be reactive. However the gap lies in knowing how topics trend and more importantly who makes them trend.

Who is driving your conversations? 

Our model is built upon identifying the groups that drive online conversations, tracking them, and assigning a risk score to them, so you always know who is pushing forward certain narratives and topics and how to take actions. We call these groups Internet factions. 

In our demo we'll walk you through real examples of:

  • The attributes that make up a brand's risk profile
  • How factions drive conversation 
  • Identifying the factions that are relevant to your brand
  • How to take action to protect your brand reputation
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