From 4Chan to CNN: How Misinformation About Vitamin C As a COVID-19 Cure Spread

Extreme, fringe narratives are making their way to the mainstream faster than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic — 10x faster in fact. In times of uncertainty, it seems that the mainstream is unusually accepting of conspiratorial thinking, rumors, alarm, and panic.

This new report takes a closer look at the emergence of stories regarding the use of Vitamin-C to treat COVID-19. 

See how this story leaped from specific fringe groups, to socially influential factions, to mainstream media and beyond.

Download the Report

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Download the report to learn:
  • How narratives trend faster on the social web in times of uncertainty.
  • Which influential groups of people online (factions) helped originate and amplify the Vitamin-C misinformation.
  • How the factions involved in this conversation tend to influence one another, to spread their shared messages and agendas broadly.

If you understand how ideas originate and take hold, you understand the groups and motivations behind those ideas.

Yonder leverages the AI of human psychology and network behaviors to detect online communities who organically come together around things they love or hate. These communities (we call them factions) are the force behind trends and news headlines. Through our network, image, and language analysis, brands can harness the potential of online influence.