CVS: Detecting Emerging Issues That Impact Your Brand

On August 14, 2019, CVS was bombarded with posts using the hashtag #CVSDeniesCare, which called out the brand for making a change to their payment systems that would limit women's ability to access birth control through mail order. This was not true. However, by August 15 the misinformation campaign made its way into the mainstream. The brand had been sideswiped.

What if CVS could have detected the emerging trend before it turned into a real threat to damage its reputation and relationships with consumers?

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Download the report to learn:
  • How factions — hyper-active shared interest groups — start and spread trends online.
  • Ways misinformation enters the mainstream, damaging brands' reputation.
  • Why brands must understand that not all accounts should be weighted equally in determining what action to take around a controversy or breaking trend.

If you understand how ideas originate and take hold, you understand the groups and motivations behind those ideas.

Yonder leverages the AI of human psychology and network behaviors to detect online communities who organically come together around things they love or hate. These communities (we call them factions) are the force behind trends and news headlines. Through our network, image, and language analysis, brands can harness the potential of online influence.