Mountain Dew: Building on Brand Loyalty to Reach New Customers Online

On April 2019, it was reported that Mountain Dew planned to spend 40 percent of its marketing dollars to reach gamers — an increase from previous years involving esports league sponsorships, Twitch partnerships, Facebook advertising, and even a new drink flavor focused on gamers (DIGIDAY).

What if that investment could not only help the brand double down on gamers, but actually expand its customer base beyond that?

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Download the report to learn:
  • How factions — hyper-active shared interest groups online — engage and drive narratives.
  • Ways brands can build relationships with influencers to connect with factions.
  • Why brands must understand factions to build brand equity and expand customer reach.

If you understand how ideas originate and take hold, you understand the groups and motivations behind those ideas.

Yonder leverages the AI of human psychology and network behaviors to detect online communities who organically come together around things they love or hate. These communities (we call them factions) are the force behind trends and news headlines. Through our network, image, and language analysis, brands can harness the potential of online influence.