Exploring "Factions" — The Passionate & Powerful Sub-cultures Driving the Internet

Brands are getting caught up in narratives controlled by power groups online called factions. They get blindsided when these narratives go viral online, and are seeing their valuations, reputations, and bottom line take the hit.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Why it matters that 60% of Americans choose to support or boycott a brand based on values.
  • How factions take advantage of high-profile brands to spread their own ideologies into the mainstream.
  • Ways to analyze and get ahead of viral faction narratives to protect brand equity.
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Jonathon Morgan is the founder and CEO of Yonder. Prior to Yonder, he published research about extremist groups manipulating social media with the Brookings Institution, The Atlantic, and the Washington Post, presented at NATO's Center of Excellence for Defense Against Terrorism, the United States Institute for Peace, and the African Union. Jonathon also served as an adviser to the US State Department, developing strategies for digital counter-terrorism. He regularly provides commentary about online disinformation for publications such as New York Times, NBC, NPR, and Wired.



Melissa Lipscomb is Yonder's director of customer success. She works directly with stakeholders and end-users at Fortune 1000 companies to provide guidance on maximizing value and outcomes for marketing and strategy teams. She brings 15 years of leadership experience to Yonder, and a track record of improving client outcomes and satisfaction.