The Internet is Organizing. What's the Opportunity for Your Brand?

The internet allows people to organize into groups based on their interests and passions. We call these groups factions. They’re the hidden structures that propagate ideas online. When factions go bad, you get radicalization. When factions are faked, you get disinformation. When factions are understood, there is opportunity for brands.

Watch the webinar to learn how marketing and strategy teams can:

  • Grasp how conversations start and evolve online, seeing who really controls the narrative.
  • Know what potential advocates/detractors care about, how they behave, and how risky they are to your brand.
  • Confidently report on market trends, turning context about online conversations into competitive intelligence, and monitoring emerging narratives that impact your brand.
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Rob Matney is Managing Director at Yonder. He has defined, developed, and supported emerging technologies since 2000, and has founded several technology and arts companies. He studied philosophy and literature at The University of Texas at Austin, and is an expert on topics at the intersection of the Internet, culture, communications, and art. He is an author of the 2018 Senate Intelligence Committee Disinformation Report on Russian interference in the 2016 election, and has provided featured content and keynotes on the topic of disinformation and brand integrity for an array of conferences, summits and events.



Erica Foster serves on Yonder’s Customer Success team where her focus is working with client stakeholders and end-users — including Fortune 1000s, 500s and 100s — to provide guidance on maximizing value and outcomes for marketing and strategy teams. She also helps internal teams develop a deep understanding of customer needs and liaises with the Yonder Product team to implement improvements to the product that drive value for clients.