The Missing Piece Of Your Crisis Strategy

Brigading, astroturfing, boycotting — agenda-driven groups on the internet continue to develop new tactics to spread their ideologies, often attacking brands and businesses in the process. The standard marketing toolset is riddled with blindspots... Brands are getting caught unprepared and forced to stay in reactive mode to protect their integrity and prevent further damage.

This webinar provides specific examples of incidents, where insights into the fringe and dark web, and the ability to detect emerging damaging narratives (before they hit mainstream users and channels) helped brands prepare, plan, and take action.

Tune in as we unpack incidents where:

  • Disinformation or inauthentic activity was flagged in an online brand attack.
  • A spokesperson's political commentary resulted in an online boycott of the brand.
  •  Backlash around a change in company policy was detected early in order to avoid a crisis.
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Annie Klomhaus is Chief Operations Officer at Yonder where she ensures the execution of the company's overall strategy. Annie leads our Client Success team who work with brand communications, public affairs, and crisis response teams to detect early signs of coordinated conversations and understand the online groups responsible for them — before they go viral or turn into a crisis on and offline. Prior to joining Yonder, she worked as a financial analyst and was the founder and CEO of Bellgray. Annie brings a cross-cultural approach to business informed by her experiences living and working in cities across the world including Hong Kong, Singapore, Washington DC, San Francisco, and currently Austin.

Jonathon Morgan is founder and Chief Executive Officer at Yonder. Prior to Yonder, he published research about extremist groups manipulating social media with the Brookings Institution, The Atlantic, and the Washington Post, presented at NATO's Center of Excellence for Defense Against Terrorism, the United States Institute for Peace, and the African Union. Jonathon also served as an adviser to the US State Department, developing strategies for digital counter-terrorism. He regularly provides commentary about online disinformation for publications such as New York Times, NBC, NPR, and Wired.