Unpacking the Impact Gen Z + Millennials Could Have on the 2020 Election

Gen Z and Millennials are activators. They are extremely passionate about their values, masters at leveraging their social networks to unite, and they’ve shown that they are ready and able to activate those networks to enforce their agendas.

Tune in as we share generational research and unpack the why and how around the outsized influence that these powerful generations are already having on the 2020 election and related issues — from the environment to the role they want brands to play in the society they’ve inherited and want to help reshape.

What you will learn:

  • The sheer potential power of Gen Z and Millennials as consumers and voters.
  • Topics and values they care most about and use as key decision razors.
  • Tactics they are using to influence public opinion and policies.
  • How brands can meet these generations’ expectations for entertainment, activism, and connection.
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Jason Dorsey is President of The Center for Generational Kinetics (CGK), the leading generational research, strategy, and consulting firm. CGK works with more than 100 clients annually to solve tough generational challenges—in areas from—sales and marketing to recruiting and innovation. The PhD-led team has now conducted more than 60 generational studies on four continents in multiple languages. Jason and his team have repositioned global brands to win each generation. They’ve advised on multi-billion-dollar acquisitions and taken clients from last to first in both employee retention and customer growth.

See Jason's newest book: Zconomy: How Gen Z Will Change the Future of Business —and What to Do About It (July 2020). To learn more about Jason and his unique speaking and research, visit:

Jonathon Morgan is founder and CEO of Yonder. Prior to Yonder, he published research about extremist groups manipulating social media with the Brookings Institution, The Atlantic, and the Washington Post, presented at NATO's Center of Excellence for Defense Against Terrorism, the United States Institute for Peace, and the African Union. Jonathon also served as an adviser to the US State Department, developing strategies for digital counter-terrorism. He regularly provides commentary about online disinformation for publications such as New York Times, NBC, NPR, and Wired.